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Reasons Why your skin is Acting Up Today is Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Best in Anti-Aging By NBC's Today Show


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Exfoliation is Key to Great Skin. Dead skin cells make your pores larger because they trap the dead skin and weaken the wall structure. Fight Back starting Today!
Bella Skin's favorite is Microdermabrasion Paste. It makes your skin feel like silk while removing the harmful dead skin.  Order Today www.lc.myrandf.com

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10 Tips for Absolutley Gorgeous Skin


Do you want to look like a Giraffe? Tired of Brown spots, Hormone spots and sun damaged skin? Get your skin back with REVERSE by Rodan and Fields! They Created Proactiv! They know skin!

Emergency Pimple Fix: Hold ice Buffered by a napkin for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce swelling and redness
Pore, Pore, Pore...Tired of having large pores? Fix it with the Anti-Aging and AMP MD from Rodan and Fields Dermatologists.  They call it "SPANX FOR THE PORES"  http://www.lc.myrandf.com
Confused about which skin care products to use? Do something about it...Go straight to the dermatologists (Free of Charge) Go to the Solutions Tool at  http://www.lc.myrandf.com   It's Free and loaded with Great Tips and ideas!
Sunscreen in the winter, Sunscreen all year round! Protect your skin from the harmful sun's rays from Winter to year around. Sun damage impacts more than 100 million Americans! Sunscreen, Fab Glasses and a Chic hat will do wonders!  Don't forget your hands!
Don't Drink from a straw. The constant Puckering of your lips can lead to the appearance of lip lines.
My Favorite is Microdermabrasion Paste and Lip Microdermabrasion at   www.lc.myrandf.com  Your Face will feel like Silk!  10% off and Free shipping
Is your skin Dull, Lifeless and Dry? Could be the Weather, Hormones or Stress.
Exfoliation is the top thing to do in 2011 for Great lookin Skin. 
Calcium from milk is great for a healthy body, but if you start seeing break outs, you could be reacting to the Hormones in milk. Try switching to Organic and get your Vitamin D supplements.
Doctor's Orders: Sleep on your Back! This can Prevent lines and Wrinkles better than Botox! Think of Sleeping Beauty.....

We Deserve To Pamper Our Skin Considering that we will have it for the Rest of Our Lives. Be smart, Stay Healthy &Treat yourself like a Prince or Princess!!

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Save $100, Look 10 Years Younger, Spend 1 minute

Order Now:
Step #1: Go to www.lc.myrandf.com
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10%, Free Shipping and Receive 24/7 Access to our Top Nurses!
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Check out How We Roll away our wrinkles
The Break through Anti-Wrinkle product of the Year for Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
Anti-Aging AMP MD Regimen.
The AMP MD Micro channeling tool penetrates the skin to allow the Anti-Aging Amp Md Regimen to target the uppermost layers of the skin. This allows for a more effective delivery of the skin-transforming ingredients. Bye bye Wrinkles!

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#1 Save Money ($100)
#2 Get a Healthier You (Amp MD)
#3 Get Exercise with our Amp Md Roller Regimen!


The Best Wrinkle...

Genetics are only Responsible for 20% of how  your skin will age. 80% is in your control.

1." The Best Wrinkle is the one that you never get." Dr. Kathy Fields
2. "Get your Beauty Sleep...On your Back. After 2 weeks of sleeping on my back, I started seeing a difference in my wrinkles" Dr. Kathy Fields
3." Exercising 20 minutes a day will rejuvenate your bodyand It will keep colds away...elliptical here I come." Dr. Katie Rodan
4. Rodan and Fields Dermatologists for beautiful and healthy skin. www.lc.myrandf.com


Santa's Last minute Favorite, Freebies and Fashion!


Gift Sets of Rodan and fields Dermatologists: Incl. Micromerabrasion Paste, Lip Micro Derm, Beauty Headband and bag **

Solutions Tool FREE! Quit wasting time and money. Take 5 minutes and talk to the Dr.'s about your skin. They give excellent tips and ideas www.lc.myrandf.com **

Reverse your skin's Damage. Get rid of brown spots due to sun, hormones and aging. Use Reverse Regimen and take back your beautiful skin! www.lc.myrandf.com
Look 10 years younger and Save $100 Right now! The latest and most innovative AMP MD for your skin! Roll away your wrinkles and Lines ;) **

Savvy's Favorite Blazer!! Go to www.shopgoldenpony.com and check out the latest fashion at the best prices. Emily is from L.A. and is sooo talented. This is the Cutest blazer with incredible details and price.Remember www.shopgoldenpony.com


Shop Until You Drop Day! Fashion and Beauty Sales!

  • Bubble Jewelry by Etsy
  • Beautiful Skin by Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
  • MicroDermabrasion Paste

    Free Solution Tool  for all your skin care questions

    Pink is Pretty

Giving away FREE Gifts is my way of Saying Thank You. Beautiful Skin is a Pleasure and a Joy that Everyone should partake in. Pampering one self is a Girl's Privilege...

Savvy and Bella Skin


Santa's Top 5 Favorites & Freebies (they are going fast)

Santa's #2:  FREE! No more Guessing what to use on your skin. Go to Doctor Rodan and Field's "Solutions Tool"  at www.lc.myrandf.com.  Look under the Products Tab and Look for the Doctor's Solution Tool. Spend 5 minutes and they will give you Great tips and ideas! FREE!
SANTA's #5:    FREE! FREE! FREE!     Want Great Skin?  Want to Look 10 years younger?
Do you want a FREE Turqoise Tote BAG compliments of Savvy? Order any Rodan and Fields product before 12/25/10 and you will receive the FREE Tote Bag!!  YAY Santa!
Gorgeous Plaited Loose Bun for your Holiday Festivites!  Love IT!
Santa's #4:    Look 10 years younger and save $100 with Rodan and Fields break through product AMP MD.    By using their micro channeling Roller it creates channels in the uppermost layers of the skin to allow the Anti-Age serum to penetrate deeper to be more effective. Good bye Botox!
On Sale Now: This price goes off by 12/31/2010. $100 off!  Watch it www.bestspentminute.com
Order it www.lc.myrandf.com
Santa's #3:  REVERSE brown spots caused by sun damage, aging and hormones. Watch them fade away as you treat your skin to the Multi-Med Reverse Skin Regimen. Savvy will send you a FREE
Microdermabrasion for Lips! It will swipe away all your old skin and give you Great Lips!
Santa's #1:  For Incredibly Soft Skin you must have Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Microdermabrasion Paste! It literally whisks away the old skin and allows for fresh skin!
Also Try Microdermabrasion for Lips! It will remove the old skin and creases from your lips and allow for a beautiful pair of lips!   Order Now   www.lc.myrandf.com 10%off and Free shipping! Santa will Give you FREE  Microdermabrasion for your Body!

Beautiful Skin Requires Care and the Correct Regimen. Quit guessing which products will work for you and Go Straight to the Rodan and Fields Dermatologists FREE of charge! Go to the products tab at www.lc.myrandf.com Look for the Doctor's picture and Solutions Tool. Spend 5 minutes with them and Save a lot of guessing and money! There is only one you! Savvy loves Changing Skin and Changing Lives!!

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Savvy loves to Give stuff away!!


SHHH...! Savvy the Elf is Giving Away Free Skin Care!


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Savvy the Elf's Tip #1:   Flaky Skin does not make you a Savvy Girl!
Exfoliation is a key part to get glowing skin. Check out the Holiday Specials and become Super Savvy!  www.lc.myrandf.com

Tip #2:  Spanx for the Pores!  Tired of large Pores?
As we age, dead skin accumulates in our pores and enlarges them. The skin's elasticity and structure begins to weaken which is why we need Peptides and Hydroxy Acids to build them back up.  Exfoliation and the Anti Aging Regimen is key to better pore structure.

Tip #3:
Ask our Doctor's for yourself. Go to the Solutions Tool under the products tab and tell them about your skin. They will give you great advice and it's free! They created Proactiv, the #1 selling skin care product. So, they know a lot about Gorgeous Skin!

Tip #4: Why do we need sunscreen when it is snowing? Sun damage affects over 100 million people. UV rays can be at their strongest even on cloudy days. Snow can reflect the suns rays causing even more damage to the skin.  Exfoliation and Reverse regimen is the answer to get rid of damage, brown spots and dullness.
Go ahead and ask the Doctors  www.lc.myrandf.com  Solutions Tool 

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Beautiful Skin is a way of life. Don't let stress, life and the elements change your skin. Stick around and let Savvy show you the way to Gorgeous Skin! (and of course her free giveaways :)


QUICK! Santa's Elves are having a Secret Sale...Shhh!! (Pass it on to your friends)


Savvy The Elf's Secret Sale and FREEBIES below! 

Elf Secret #1:  Step 1  Go to  www.lc.myrandf.com
Go to Product Tab and then see the Doctor's at the Solutions Tool.
Answer the questions and they will give you the Best skin care advice Ever! Check out Savvy the Elfista's Glowing Skin (they went to Standford so they know all kinds of great skin stuff)

Elf Secret #2: Do you want Fabulously smooth Skin and lips?  As Smooth as an ELF'S, I mean baby's bottom? Of Course YOU do!

Go to Products Tab, under Enhancements:
Order Micro Dermabrasion Paste for the most AMAZINGLY Soft skin EVER!
Order Micro Dermabrasion for Lips for the SOFTEST Lips under the
Be Savvy's Preferred Customer and SAVE 10%,GET FREE Shipping PLUS  SAVVY will send you a FULL size Micro Dermabrasion 3 in 1 for your body!!

Elf Secret #3: SAVE $100 and look 10 Years Younger! Our break through product of the year
AMP MD www.bestspentminute.com  is on sale NOW!
You will  SAVE $100 and get the AMP MD regimen, Anti-Aging Regimen and the Doctor's Best selling Skin Care book!! Plus Savvy will send you a FREE Surprise Gift!  ***This is Santa's Anti-Aging Secret for his youthful skin!

Elf Secret #4: Look at my cute freckles!  I used to have so many more until I started using the REVERSE Regimen to fade them away! Savvy will send you a FREE package of Anti-Age Eye Cloths when you order! secret note**These have anti-aging peptides to help minimize puffy eyes and remove make-up (Savvy has to look Great because she is such a Savvy girl!)

Go to www.lc.myrandf.com for Savvy the Elf's Secret Sale!! Going on Right Now! Check out allll of her Freebies!!!

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Changing Skin and Changing Lives!!


Poke Her Face?


  How do you spend one minute and get the best results for your skin??

According to Allure and Marie Claire magazines the answer is called AMP MD by Rodan and Fields Dermatologists.



Let me know if any of you have tried this new innovative product. The roller actually opens up your skin to let more of the skin Care Anti-Aging regimen into your skin, thus speeding up the process!  In my busy days of 2 companies, three kids, a dog, a husband, trying to be hip :) I at least have a minute to ward off the wrinkles of time.  And the best part is they are offering $100 off the roller and kit, the Anti-aging regimen and the Doctor's best selling book.  www.lc.myrandf.com to check it out!

 Exfoliation should be one of your key words during this time of the year. It is right now 28 degrees outside where I am at and I know full body exfoliation and moisturizing is the Best way to stop dry, scaly and icky skin.  I want  Glowing skin for Christmas!

I am also going to let that my friend's special someone know where to buy it at for christmas!

Great Gift Idea  www.lc.myrandf.com

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